Hiking with Barbara Mahlknecht

Flower Hikes


Already in March, the first signs of spring come into view on the partly still snow-covered ground. From week to week there are more, until in midsummer the plant life extends to the barren ridges of the Dolomites. There, you may discover the true survivors, even endemics (Moretti‘s Bellflower or the Devil’s Claw) can be [...]

Aromatic Herbs Hikes


Every year, many new books about wild herbs and edible “green stuff” appear on the market. Quite a few plants that once were considered as a poor man’s food suddenly re-conquer their space in the upscale cuisine. But where can we find these plants and what should we look out for when picking them? During [...]

Our native wildlife in winter

Unsere heimischen Wildtiere im Winter

Surely you have already seen several animal traces while walking through a snowy landscape. But which paw print belongs to which animal, which eats the bark of young shoots and branches, and which droppings belong to whom? A walk through the winter woods is not only exciting; it is also good for our lungs and [...]

Legends Hikes


The area around Mount Sciliar offers an abundance of traditional legends and myths. The Sciliar Witches not only accompany the winter athletes during the so-called Witches Tour – even in the summer, the Witches are truly everywhere. In Castelrotto and Siusi there are Witches‘ Nights, and in Saltria on the Alpe di Siusi there is [...]

Alpine roses and marmots

Alpenrosen und Murmeltiere

From the second half of June, the alpine rose blossom on the Alpe di Siusi covers the hills in stunning red. The rusty-leaved alpine rose usually blooms a bit earlier than the somewhat smaller, furry or ciliate-leaved alpine rose. Sometimes you may see them side by side. If you’re lucky, you will also discover the [...]