Alpine roses and marmots

alpenrosen von weiss bis rot Alpine roses and marmots

From the second half of June, the alpine rose blossom on the Alpe di Siusi covers the hills in stunning red. The rusty-leaved alpine rose usually blooms a bit earlier than the somewhat smaller, furry or ciliate-leaved alpine rose. Sometimes you may see them side by side. If you’re lucky, you will also discover the rare white-flowered rhododendron.

During a hike to the most beautiful alpine rose hills we will surely discover some places where the droll marmots enjoy the warm rays of the sun and where – in case of danger – they will tip off the whole group with a warning whistle. It is not uncommon to observe young marmots in their funny games. Here, absolute stillness is just as important as the right wind direction. Until autumn, even the little ones will feed on a thick mantle of fat, and then enjoy their long winter sleep.